Amenities at Multifamily Property that Promise Optimum Tenant Satisfaction

The experience of tenants significantly impacts the value and occupancy of a multifamily property. It is, therefore, crucial for property owners to provide the amenities and services expected by tenants. If any service or amenity is missing, you may have to upgrade your multifamily property. Renovating a multifamily property, however, can be a cost-intensive exercise, but not when you hire a competent affordable housing renovations provider, such as United Renovation Speciality Group. While our experts can take care of all sorts of renovate needs, you too should have a clear idea of changes needed in your property. To help you make up your mind, we list some common amenities that deserve your consideration.


Most popular apartment amenities Tenants would like to have –

Community Gardens

Having community gardens is one of the best ways of improving tenant satisfaction. We are surrounded by buildings with minimal green space, providing it can help tenants enjoy some fresh air and feel closer to nature. Communal gardens also give tenants an opportunity to work together and grow some fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It will not only boost community interaction but also attract more eco-friendly renters, increase occupancy.


Fitness Center

With the nature of work of most of us requires us to remain in our seats for major part of the day, obesity and other health problems are on a rise. This makes fitness center a prominent need of tenants. Having a well-functioning fitness center with complimentary fitness programs will help tenants take care of their health. As per 2015 NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Resident Preference Survey, 82 percent tenants place community fitness center among top five community amenities. In addition to necessary fitness equipment and complimentary fitness program, provide sauna services to enhance the user’s experience.


Outdoor Pool

An outdoor pool is not only an excellent attraction for renters but also an amenity desired by most renters. A community pool can work as a perfect social spot where tenants can keep their phones aside and rather get to know “real” people. Have longer operational hours, hire a trainer to help non-swimmers learn swimming, and install grilling area to your community pool to encourage participation.


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Bike Lockers and Rental

As more people are becoming cautious about the health of the planet, they are ready to explore eco-friendly alternatives for everything. Cycling is one such green alternative that has gained immense popularity and you may come across renters demanding bike lockers or storage area where they can conveniently keep their bikes. When developing a bike locker, you may go a step ahead and also provide bikes on rent. It will encourage tenants to take a bike for grocery shopping or for their local weekend rides.


Dog Park

A majority of renters want to keep a pet but are unable to as the multifamily property is not pet-friendly. If you want to create a pet-friendly premises, one of the foremost things to do is to create a pet park where renters can take their pets for walks. You can upgrade your community park to accommodate pet treats, swings, and washing stations. Keeping a pet is one of the best stress busters, and renovating your multifamily property to encourage renters to keep a pet can go a long way in improving their satisfaction levels.


Final Few Words

Providing these amenities will help increase the interaction and involvement among tenants, resulting in a happier and enjoyable stay. Make sure you improve tenant’s satisfaction without significantly increasing the rental. The best way to ensure that is to consult United Renovation Speciality Group, a renowned comprehensive renovation services provider in the US. We have experience in providing affordable housing renovation solution nationwide. Our experts visit the location, discuss your requirements and provide you with a preliminary estimate. Once you approve that, we prepare detailed design and build strategies that will transform the look and feel of your multifamily property. To get started, fill out our contact form or call 480.219.6743.

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