Safety Tips To Ensure Public Safety During Occupied Housing Renovation

It goes without saying that multifamily housing property renovation helps property owners and investors attract more tenants and retain the current ones. Many investors, however, overlook the importance of public safety when undertaking an occupied housing renovation project. Whether it is about kitchen renovation or complete house renovation, multifamily housing investors must take necessary steps to ensure public safety as well as compliance with the International Building Code, to avoid any penalties. Continuing the discussion, the post outlines several safety tips that will help investors ensure public safety when undertaking occupied housing renovation project.


5 Safety tips to ensure occupants –

1. Fire Detection Alarm System Should be in Place

In a building undergoing renovation, it is important to have functional fire detection systems, at least in the occupied part of the building. If the system is not working properly, other means of supervision can be used as backup measure.


2. Install Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are essential for areas that are at high risk of fire due to activities, appliances or materials stored in that area. Extinguishers must be installed and maintained in compliance with the National Building Code.


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3. Keep the Access Lanes Clutter-free

Road to the building should be free of debris and equipment to allow easy movement of vehicles and occupants. In case of any fire emergency clean roads around the building will provide easy accessibility to fire vehicle and personnel.


4. Make safety Provisions During the Demolition Work

If the renovation projects include any sort of demolition work, the occupied part of the building must be separated from the work site. Fire separation with a fire-resistance rating of not less than 1 hours can be used to isolate the work site from the occupied building space.


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5. Restrict Access to Work Site

The area under renovation shouldn’t be accessible to public. Proper measures to control access to the renovation site must be put in place. If the renovation project includes exterior renovation, which can cause potential threat to passerby, fences, barricades, signages, and covered passageways must be put in place, wherever needed.


Wrap up

When undertaking occupied housing renovation, it is important to comply with the international Building Code to ensure public safety while avoiding unnecessary costs of specific materials or methods of construction. If you are looking for a professional multi family housing renovation contractor, look no further than United Renovations Speciality Group. We offer affordable multifamily housing services, including value engineering, and due diligence across the US. To learn more about our services, simply fill our contact form or call at 480.219.6743.

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