Occupied Unit Specialists

Occupied Unit Specialists

Affordable Housing Renovations

Occupied unit renovations require an incredible amount of planning, phasing and execution. Every occupied unit renovation impacts a resident and their family. We want to help owners make these unit turns efficient and successful. We love when residents tell us how happy they are with their newly renovated home. It makes what we do both meaningful and personal.


United Renovations Specialty Group specializes in the efficient execution of occupied renovations. Our success has been based on extensive due diligence which helps control cost and schedule obstacles for the duration of the project. We pride ourselves on the thorough investigation of unit interiors, exteriors, common areas, and property site areas.


Watch how United Renovation Specialty Group’s renovation specialists work their magic in a kitchen renovation project. Professionals dismantle and replace the existing kitchen sink and cabinets, transforming it into a modern space. High quality work, fast turnarounds, and zero traces of dirt from the renovation.

Watch a team of renovation professionals from United Renovation Specialty Group transform an old bathroom into a functional and stylish space. From working on the plumbing, replacing existing showers, covering the pipework, whitewashing, and cleaning the work area.

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